Contractors and internal engineers can be manually entered through the Resources area. Contractors can be given access to view, manage and complete their instructed jobs in the contractor portal. They can also create quotes, enter costs, upload documents, add job notes, and take photos. 

Resources can be chosen, and then instructed, for jobs that have been created. To learn more about Instructing a Resource, click here.

There is also a Resource App available for contractors and engineers where they can view and manage instructed jobs on a mobile device such as Android or iPhone. 

The Resource List allows you to view, manage, and add new resources to the main application. 

You can sort the Resources list by selecting a column heading. You can also customise the grid by adding / removing columns. Simply select the three dots next to Resource Name. Under Columns you will be able to choose which columns you'd like to display:

You can also filter the list by Main Contractor by selecting the Filters button at the top-right of the grid:

Beside the Filters button, you can access the following options:

  • Excel Export - this allows you to export the list as an Excel sheet. 

  • Rankings - this option results in a pop-up displaying the current rankings associated with your resources and ability to add a grade or ranking for resources:

  • Trades - this results in a pop-up displaying the current trades associated with your resources and ability to add a trade for resources:

  • Qualifications - this results in a pop up displaying the current qualifications associated with your resources and ability to add a qualifications for resources:

  • Clear All Filters - this option will remove all filters applied to the resource list. 

To create a new resource, select the New Resource button in the top right corner:

This brings you to a page where you can populate the information for the new resource; such as name, address, and contact information, as well as start date, salary, resource type, trade, region. You can also configure settings for email notifications, and job reminders.

Save to add to the Resource List. 

You can also allocate Resources to one or more Teams:

(Teams can  be set up in the Settings -> Teams area. Users can also be allocated there)

If you select a resource on the list, you are brought to a page outlining the Resource Details. Here you can view and manage various settings for that resource, such as contact details, Resource App settings, qualifications, availability, and more:

In the Portal & App tab, you can set various settings and permissions for that particular resource, and set them up as a Resource App user:

Learn more about getting set-up on the Resource App here.

You can also upload your resources to the main application using an Excel file in the Upload Centre

Click here to learn more about the Upload Centre.

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