The Settings -> Teams area allows you to create groups of users and resources to help manage and distribute work to the right people. You can create a team by selecting the Add Team button:

A row will appear in the list of teams where you can fill in a team name, and you can choose to send notifications to all team members (when a job is assigned to the team lead, then all users in the team receive the notifications related to the job). Click the Update button to save the new team:

The icons below will allow you to allocate users and / or resources to the team:

Once clicked, you will be taken to a new page that shows the current team members. From here select the Add User to Team button:

This will display a pop-up window showing a list of all current users. Select the users and / or resources that you wish to have on the team. When you have added all members, simply close the pop-up window.

You can also edit or delete a team from the main Teams list but selecting either button next to that team:

Reactive jobs, planned jobs, and job requests can be associated to one of these teams by editing the job or when a job is assigned to a job type. You can associate reactive job types and planned job types to these teams in the Settings -> Reactive Job Types and Settings -> Planned Job Types areas. 

Learn more about Planned Job Types here

You can also restrict users in the team to just seeing their jobs and their teams' job e.g. set a team up for each site. This can be done in the Settings -> Users -> User Details -> General Settings tab area.

Email notifications can be set up to be sent out to each user on a Team when relevant key events take place; for example, when a job has been assigned to their team, or when a resource completes a job task assigned to their team. This can be done in the Settings -> Users -> User Details -> Email Settings and configured user by user.

Learn more about General Settings and Email Settings in the User Details area here

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