For each job you have the option to instruct a resource, or multiple resources. This will associate the job with this particular resource(s) and you also have the option to send an SMS or an Email notification. This can be done on the Job Details page. 

From the Job Details tab you can decide between a single resource, or multiple. Selecting either will prompt a pop-up window for you to choose the resource(s) from:

The pop-up window allows you to sort by category in order to find a specific resource(s) more easily, for example by "Team":

Once you have selected the relevant resource(s), you will have the option to either Instruct or Reset:

Clicking Reset will allow you to choose a different resource(s). Instruct will prompt another pop-up window to appear on-screen. This window allows you to review and / or edit information such as the ETA and budget. You also have the option to request a quote, attach a PDF, attach a form(s), and attach a document(s):

For example, a risk assessment form may be attached in the pop-up window shown above. This risk assessment form may then be completed by the resource either in the Resource App or in the main application.

Step 2 is where you can review the contact information, and choose whether you would like to send an SMS or an Email (or both) to the selected resource(s):

When you are ready to instruct the selected resource(s) select Instruct (as in the above screenshot) and you will be asked to confirm your decision:

The instructed resource will be displayed on the Job Details tab. You have the option to Re-Allocate the job to another resource(s) if you wish to change this. There is also a wrench icon that appears alongside the Resource section. This icon will prompt a pop-up window displaying other jobs for the selected resource with an expected date near to this particular job:

Once a resource has been instructed, a job task will be created for that specific job. This can be seen on the Job Tasks tab of the Job Details view:

Learn more about Job Tasks here

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