The Email Settings area allows you to view and edit the settings around emails that are sent from the app. To make changes to Email Settings select Edit at the top-right of the page:

You can send emails using our email servers or , if you prefer, use your own mail / Smtp servers. If you select own Smtp Server you will be asked for the following: 

  • Smtp Host - This is the name of the host that your wmail server is hosted at e.g
  • Smtp Port - This is the port number at which your server connects e.g
  • Username - This is the customers username in which the use to log into the server
  • Password - This is the customers password in which the use to log into the server

You can also send emails from a custom email address. You are given the following option:

If you use the default setting, the users email and name will be used for the email notifications triggered by them such as approving a request or instructing a job.

Alternatively, you can choose a fixed email address for sending notification emails. The fixed email address will be required. The first and last name of the user who triggered the event will still enclose the fixed email unless you specify a "from" name. Note that this fixed email address and name will be used for automated emails such as overdue reminders, regardless of whether you have chosen not to use a fixed email for emails sent. 

Save any changes:

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