The Settings -> Users area shows a list of Users that have been set up to use the main application, and their respective details; such as Name, Email, Role, Site Access, and Jobs associated with the user.

The Users list can be sorted by selecting any of the column headings:

The list can be exported as an Excel sheet by clicking on the three dots next to the New Users button and selecting Excel Export

Clicking on the User Name will bring you to the User Details view. From here you can configure the main User Details, General Settings, Email Settings, Job Report Settings, or add this user to the Manager App:

Learn more about the User Settings and all the options available here

In the Manager App tab shown in the screenshot above, select Create Manager App User to enable this user to login to the Manager App. This will prompt a pop-up box where you can choose a Username and Password. When you have done so, click Save to save these details: 

Creating A New User In The Main Application:

From the main Users list, you can create a new user by clicking on the New User button at the top-right of the page:

This will bring you to the Create User page with forms for you to populate with the user details:

You can also select what Role this user will have. These roles will determine what this user can and cannot do in the application:

Next you can choose what Sites this new user will have access to in the application. If you choose "multiple sites" you can allocate these sites, "one site" will display a drop-down menu for you to choose from:

You can then select the User Type: 

(User Types can be set up in the Settings -> User Types area. Each User Type profile can be set up with certain general / email settings which can be applied to any user of that type)

You can then allocate this User to one or more Teams:

(Teams can  be set up in the Settings -> Teams area. Users can also be allocated there)

And finally, you can choose if this new user is being set up as the Main Contractor. Ticking this box will display a drop-down showing main contractors for you to choose from:

When you have finished, click Save to save your new user to the Users list:

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