Purchase Orders / Material Requests displays all purchase orders created. You can select each PO Number which brings you to the PO / Material Request Details view. In this page, you have a table labelled Purchase Order Items where you can add, update and delete purchase order items:

Also in this page you can Edit more general PO information such as setting the supplier:

By confirming the information, you will be brought to a page displaying the Purchase Order. You can download the PO as a PDF to send to the supplier. If all the information is correct, select Confirm Purchase Order: 

This will bring you back to the PO details page and set the status of the PO is to Confirmed (this will be reflected in the PO list). In the top right corner, you have the following options:


Fufill should be selected when the stock arrives and this will be the status of the PO in the PO list. The stock ordered is now brought into a storage area or asset. 

You can create a new Purchase Order by selecting 

This will bring you to a page where you can populate information about the PO, including the supplier.

If you would like to add a new supplier it can be set up in the Resource Area and must be of type "supplier". 

Purchase Orders can now be sent for confirmation by email.

You are then given the option to send to everyone on the email list or just a specific User. 

You can then edit the body of the Email here and click send. 

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