The Stock list page will display a grid of all Stock which can be sorted by selecting the heading of the column you choose to sort by. 

The Create Stock button at the top-right of the Stock List view brings you to a new page where you can populate information for the new stock and save it to the Stock List. Clicking the three dots next to this button will display more options:

  • Stock Categories - this opens the modal shown in the example below where you can edit, delete and add Stock Categories:

  • Stock Audit Trail - opens a modal containing an the Audit Trail of the stock. This can also be exported to excel sheet by selecting Export to Excel at the top right of this window.

  • Excel Export - will export the Stock List to an excel sheet.

The Stock List shows the stock levels (calculated from stock stored in storage areas) and re-order levels. You can edit the stock levels within the Stock list by clicking the pencil icon next to the stock level number:

This brings you to the Stock Levels tab of the Stock information page. This page shows a list of this particular stock held in different storage areas, and assets for this stock.

To add new stock levels, click on the Add Stock Level at the top-left of the grid. This will prompt a pop-up where you can select the storage area you wish to add stock levels to:

Or Change Stock Level based on Resource/Site/Asset by selecting the same pencil icon on the Stock Details -> Stock Levels. The following modal will appear where you can make the changes:

Stock can also be uploaded from the Upload Centre. Click here to learn more.

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