The Assets list displays all your assets. You can create a new asset from this view by selecting the New Asset button at the top-right of the page:


The Assets list can be filtered by selecting the Filers button shown above, which will reveal a number of filtering options:


You can also sort the grid by selecting any of the column headings, or refine the grid further by choosing which columns you wish to display. This can be done by selecting the three dots next to the Asset column heading:

Beside the Filter button, you can select the options below:

  • Excel Export - This allows you to export the Assets list to an excel sheet.

  • Print QR Codes - This opens a page containing all the QR Codes associated with the Asset List in a printable format. From this page there is an option to download all QR codes to a PDF:

  • Asset Classes - This shows all current asset classes, and allows you to Add Asset Class, or edit / delete an existing class:


  • Clear All Filters - This will remove any filters that have been applied to the Assets grid.

To create an Asset select New Asset in top right corner:

This will lead you to a page where you can populate the asset data and save in order for the asset to be added to the Asset List. Make sure to hit save in order to save your new asset to the Assets List:

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