The Planned Jobs list shows a grid containing information on all planned jobs. You can view and edit details, complete, and cancel jobs by selecting the job number (#) from the list. 

You can customise the information displayed in the columns by checking columns you wish to include. 

You can filter the Planned Jobs list by selecting the Filters button which will display various filtering options for you to choose from, including by Job Number:

Selecting the three dots next to the Filters button will display these options:

  • Bundles / Batch Actions this option will bring you to the Bundles / Batch Actions view where you can group jobs together in a bundle. By bundling jobs together, you can perform actions on the grouped jobs in one go. You can, for example, assign or instruct multiple jobs to a specific Resource / Contractor, or complete / approve / cancel multiple jobs. 

        Learn more about Bundles / Batch Actions here

  • Excel Export this option allows you to export the Reactive Jobs list to an Excel sheet. 

  • Clear All Filtersthis option will clear all filters you have selected. Note: the Planned Only filtering option will remain selected. 

You can access the Job Details page for a particular job by selecting the job number as seen below: 

Icons will be displayed under the job number (as in the image above):

  • The first icon will bring you to the Planned Schedules view.

  • The second icon will bring you to the Quotes view for this job.

  • The third icon will bring you to the Documents page for this job. 

  • The fourth icon will bring you to the Forms page for this job. 

  • The fifth icon will bring you to the Assets list for this job. 

You can also associate a Planned Job with a team. Click here to learn more about Teams

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