The Planned Schedule Categories area allows you to categorise your planned schedules. You can view, edit, delete, and create a new schedule category.

If you have many planned schedules and there are several of you, then the categories will help to organise and develop your planned maintenance schedules.

To create a schedule category select Add Schedule Category at the top-left of the page:

A new row will appear in the list where you can populate the category name. 

Update to save the category addition:

There will be a column in the table called Planned Schedules which will show the number of schedules associated with the category.

If you select the number, it will bring you to the Planned Schedules page where the Schedules associated with the category are displayed. 

You can download the list of Planned Schedule Categories by selecting the Excel button at the top-right of the Planned Schedules Categories page:

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