Trackplan Apps

Along with the main Trackplan application, there are also currently two mobile apps available. These apps are built using the latest in mobile technology; PWA - Progressive Web Application, which allows for rapid development and easy deployment. 

PWA technology ensures a fast and reliable connection to your app so you can get on with your work unhindered. 

The two apps that are currently available are the Resource App and the Manager App. Both apps work across all devices, and work offline; once the user connects to a network, the data is synced to the main application. 

Resource App

The Resource App has been built for use by resources / contractors.

The app allows these users to:

  • View all job tasks instructed to them.
  • Start and complete a task, and also add photos, notes, or attach stock to a task.
  • Record time spent on a task, including travel time, which will be sent back to the main application for analysis. GPS location stamps can also be recorded.
  • Create new jobs or requests, and choose to self-deliver the job from the same requests form.
  • Complete forms attached to jobs.
  • Complete forms on fly in the Form Library tab.
  • Manage their weekly time sheets and add expenses.

Users can be set up in the Portal & App tab of the Resource Details page:

Manager App

The Manager App has been built for other users such as maintenance managers, site managers, or facilities managers.

The app allows these users to:

  • View all jobs they have access to, add notes and photos to a job. 
  • Create and complete jobs.
  • Assign a user to a job.
  • Choose and instruct a resource for a job.  This job will then also appear in the resource app!
  • Complete forms attached to jobs sent down to them from the main application.
  • Complete forms on fly in the Form Library tab.

Users can be set up in the Manager App tab of the User Details page:

(Go to Settings -> Users and select the user you wish to set up for the Manager App)

Learn how to get the apps here

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