When a job request is created, the request details page will display the following options:

  • Approve - Approve the request. Approving the request will allow you to either create a new job from the request, or send the request for authorisation:

"Approve Request And Create Job" will take you to the Create a New Job page. "Send Request For Authorisation" means the job request can be sent for authorisation before it can be approved into a job. Users can be given permission to authorise these types of requests from the User Details page (which can be found in the Settings -> Users area and selecting the User Name).

When you approve a request, you will be taken to the Create a New Job page, where you can amend the job details if required. Click Save to create the new job, and you will then be taken to the Job Details page.

The Job Details area contains all information about the job such as job tasks, costs, assets, documents, alerts, stock etc. All of which can be edited / updated from this area:

The Job Details tab shows these options:

As tasks are completed, assigned users and other team members will receive a notification. If all tasks / forms / other requirements have been completed, you can select Complete to mark this job as completed. A pop-up will appear on-screen for you to add a note if you wish before finalising:

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