Work Orders / Issues can be created as a job request, which can then be approved into reactive jobs. These requests can be sent for authorisation, and the requester can confirm or reject the work that has been done:

When a new request has been created in the main application, the request details page will show these options:

  • Photo - Add a photo to the job request
  • Delete - Delete the request. Deleting a request will remove it completely from the requests list.
  • Decline - Decline the request. Declining a request will enable you to write a note explaining the reason for declining:

The request will remain in the requests list, and the request details page will show the reason for declining:

  • Approve - Approve the request. Approving the request will allow you to either create a new job from the request, or send the request for authorisation:

"Approve Request And Create Job" will take you to the Create a New Job page. "Send Request For Authorisation" means the job request can be sent for authorisation before it can be approved into a job. Users can be given permission to authorise these types of requests from the User Details page (which can be found in the Settings -> Users area and selecting the User Name).

The Request Status column in the Requests list will tell you the status of a request:

There are a number of request statuses, which are:

  • Approved
  • Approved - On Hold
  • Authorised
  • Declined
  • Form Submitted
  • Form Not Submitted
  • Pending
  • Requires Authorisation
  • Work Confirmed
  • Work Rejected

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