The Manager App Users area is where you can view and manage all users that have been set up for the Manager app, and create new app users.

You can view the contact details of the user, type of user, and determine if the user is activated. You have the option to disable the user which will prevent them logging in on the next attempt: The Manager App Users area provides the option to change the password for any user, and/or to remove the user from the App. Once selected, a pop-up appears:  

Steps For Setting Up A User On The Manager App:

  1. Create a new user in the Settings -> Users area (learn how to do so here)
  2. Set up a new Manager App login:
    1. You can do so from the Manager App tab on the User Details page by selecting the Create Manager App User button: 
    2. Or, from the Manager App Users page, select the Create Manager App User
  3. This will prompt a pop-up to appear where you can select from existing resources. Once you select a resource, you will be asked to provide a password for this user:

  4. Using a web browser on your device (phone or tablet or even laptop) go to 
  5. If from a phone or tablet, wait a moment for a pop-up option that will allow you to add the app to your home screen. 
  6. Once completed, the TrackplanFM Manager icon will appear on your home screen: 

Please note: It is important to ensure you are using the Chrome browser on mobile Android devices, and the Safari browser on mobile Apple devices for this to work properly. Users must already be set up for either the Resource or Manager app in order to log-in. 

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