The Alert Types area allows you to create alerts which can be assigned to jobs in order to better describe the alert being raised. You can create alerts on a job at any time from the Jobs Details -> Alerts tab.

To create an alert type, select the Add Alert Type button at the top-left of the page:

This will create a new row in the Alert Types list for you to populate with a new Alert Type Name. Select Update in order to save the Alert Type and add it to the list. 

You can also Edit and / or Delete the Alert Type information once it has been added to the list.


To assign an Alert Type to a job task, go to Job Details -> Alerts:

From here you can view any alerts assigned to this job. To assign an alert, click on Raise New Alert. A pop-up will appear for you to fill out. You can select a date and time, alert type, fill out the action required for this alert, and choose whether to assign the new alert to everyone, or to a specific user:

Click Save to finish creating the new Alert.

Learn more about creating and managing Job Alerts here

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