The SMS / Text Messages area enables you to set up or configure an existing template for a text message that will be sent out to a contractor when a job or task has been instructed to them.

There are various tags you can place in the template that will be replaced by live data. To edit the template, click on Edit at the top-right of the page:

From here you can modify the template as you wish. The tags available to use are as follows:

  • [JobNumber] - The job number
  • [TaskNumber] - The task number
  • [JobDetails] - The job description
  • [UserContactName] - The user who created this alert
  • [Date] - The current date and time
  • [ClientName] - Your company name
  • [SiteName] - The name of the site
  • [SiteCode] - The site code
  • [Location] - The location within the site
  • [SiteNotes] - Any notes about the site
  • [Priority] - The job priority
  • [Contractor] - The contractor name
  • [Budget] - The budget for the instructed task
  • [ETA] - The estimated time of arrival for the contractor
  • [ContractorNotes] - Specific site notes for the contractor
  • [SiteContact] - The name of the site contact
  • [SitePhone] - The site contact phone number

An example template is provided which you can use, or modify if you wish:

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