In the Settings -> Reactive Job Types area, you can view, edit, delete, and create a new Job Type for reactive jobs. This will allow you to categorise jobs when they are being created. Select Add Job Type at the top-left of the page to create a new job type: 

Selecting Add Job Types at the top-left of the page triggers an input field in the existing list for you to add your new job title:

You will be asked for the Job Type, Code, Budget, Priority, Assigned User, and also choose if you would like to associate this job type with a Team. 

Select the Update to add the Job Type to your list:

The Reactive Job Types area also allows you to enter and update Job Sub Types to main Job Types.

To view, edit, or create a new Job Sub Type, click on the arrow next to a Job Type to display the sub-list. From here you can view, edit, delete, or create a new type as with the main Job Type list.

The Reactive Job Types grid now has a Relevance column. This adds an extra filter to allow you to focus on the more important Jobs. 

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