User Types are a group category you can put users into e.g. Admin or Account Manager. From the Settings -> User Types area, you can create your own User Types, and set up a profile of various User Settings which will be applied to all users under this type.

Here is an example User Type list to illustrate further:

Select Add User Type at the top-left of the User Types list to create a new user type:

A new row will appear in the User Types list where you will be prompted to enter the User Type Name and Description. Select Update to save the User Type:

You can then set up a template or profile for the User Type by selecting Manage:

This will bring you to the User Type Details page which has a number of tabs to configure the information for the User Type.

(Visit User Type Settings for a full list of the available settings and explanations)

To make changes to any of the tabs select Edit and Save. To apply to all Users in the User Type select Update All Users. You can also Delete the User Type:

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