The Settings -> Job Settings area allows you to configure job settings in order to collect additional information when users create New Jobs and Completed Jobs.

Select Edit to make your changes 

and Save once you are finished

New Jobs Settings

  • Job Type - Make the job type and sub type required fields in the Required section or have as optional in Additional Information. 
  • Job Category - Make the job category required fields in the required section or have as optional in Additional Information. 
  • Priority and Expected Date - Choose whether to ask for the job priority or expected date. 
  • Ask For Job Duration and Number of Resources - Choose whether to ask for the expected job duration and number of resources in the new job page.  
  • How to set Job Contact when Job Created - Choose whether the contact information for the Job is the main site contact or the Assigned user contact. 
  • Can Add New Site - While adding a job the user can create a new site quickly. 
  • Ask For Contract - When Adding a Job, Users can select a contract before selecting a Site. 
  • Ask For Order Number - When creating a Job, Users can enter an order number.
  • Auto Select Resource - When creating a Job, Users can set this to automatically choose, choose and instruct a resource or neither. 

Completed Jobs Settings

  • Ask for Job Sub-status when jobs are completed - Choose whether to ask for job sub-status when completing the job.
  • Out of Service Enabled for Jobs - On each job, you can enable the recording of Out of Service and In-Service Date / Time Stamps. Useful for production and manufacturing environments, for example to record that a line has been out of service as a result of a reported issue. 
  • Send Email to site contact on Job or Task Completion - Choose whether to send an Email to the Site Contact when the Job or Task is complete. 
  • Additional Questions Template - Create additional questions that will appear in the Job Completion window when the user completes a job. You can create your own template, and add additional questions by selecting the +New Template as shown below. You can control which template to use for different jobs, you can also control which template is available for specific sites when creating a new template.

Permit to Work Settings

  • Turn on Permit to Work Within Application - When enabled this will give the option on a job or job task to require a permit. Once a job or job task requires a permit then a document must be uploaded before a job can be instructed or completed. For a resource to accept or complete a job task then they must read and agree to the permit. 
  • Permit Type - This will determine whether documents or forms are used for the permit to work. 
  • Permit to Work Disclosure Text - This text will be displayed when a resource or user is agreeing to the permit. 

Finance Settings

  • Include Sales Information in Costs Area - When enable Sales info will be included in the Costs area. 

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