This page allows you to create and track Budgets / Contracts / POs which you can then allocate to resources, or apportion to departments which can control spending for resources / departments for a period of time.

In the top right corner of the page you can select the button above to add a budget / contract / PO to the main list.

You can populate the empty input boxes in the list, including setting the start and end date. 

If the information is correct, select update. 

Once you have updated the information, it is added to the list. You have the option to apportion by department by selecting Apportionments button under the title of the contract name:

A pop-up appears where you can view any apportionment already set and can add apportionment to add another department:

You can assign the percentage share of the budget that the department will have access to. 

In this pop-up you can also edit and delete apportionments:

You can allocate multiple resources to the budget. Select Allocate in the list:

This will bring up a list of resources which you can check if you would like to include them in the budget and un-check if you like to remove them. 

Please note, there are many configuration options related to these budgets (for example blocking a job being instructed if over budget) in the Settings -> Contract and Budget Settings area. 

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