Resource Rate Cards allows you to set the hourly and call-out rates for your resources. This allows you to create the costs based on their time spent. 

Each resource can be assigned to one of these rate cards to determine their call out and hourly rates. If a resource is using the portal or app their time records and these rates can be used to calculate a cost for each job task which can be brought into the costs for each job task.

To create a Resource Card select the Create Resource Card button at the top-right of the page:

This will bring you to the Create Resource Rate Card page where you can populate the information for the rate card. You also have the option to create an Out of Hours time and rate for any overtime completed:

The Resource Rate Cards list can also be downloaded to Excel by selecting the three dots next to Create Resource Card:

If you would like to edit a resource rate card, you can do so by selecting the rate card name in the list. This will bring you the Resource Rate Card Details page. 

Here you can edit or delete the card:

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