The Time Records area allows you to view and edit hours submitted by resources / contractors from the app or online portal. It displays information such as when they started travelling, when they arrived at the site, and when they left the site. 

The Date / Times section of the list will display date / time information for Travel Start, Start Task, and Left Task for each job task. You can retrieve the location of the resource / contractor at the times logged by selecting the icon below. This will display the location on Google Maps:

If you wish to edit any of the date / time information, you can select the following icon and save the changes:

You can also apply rate cards to these hours in order to calculate costs. 

The Add Time Record button at the top-right of the page will display a pop-up of jobs for you to select in order to add a new time record. Once you select a job, another pop-up will be displayed for you to populate with the new time record information:

Next to the Add Time Record button is the Filters button. Selecting this will display filtering options that can be applied to the Time Records list. The three dots next to this button will display the option to export the Time Records list as an Excel sheet, and another option to remove any filters that have been applied to the list.

The grid can be sorted by selecting a columns heading. You can also choose which columns you wish to display in order to see the information you want as shown below:

Costs can be calculated with the Time Records if rate cards have been created. In the Costs section of the list you can select a rate card as follows:

Selecting the icon above will open a pop-up where you can choose the rate card that you wish to apply:

Within the list of Time Records, you can edit the cost/rate card by selecting the the pencil icon again if there any changes to be made. 

By selecting the + symbol next to the pencil, Costed will reflect the status of the rate card being applied. Once selected, you cannot edit the rate card further:

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