The Expenses page displays a list of expenses showing details such as what resource / user incurred the expense and the total cost of the expense. 

By selecting Details next to any item on the list, you are brought to the Expenses Details page where you can view more information about that particular expense:

Within the Expense Details page there is also a tab for Documents:

Here, there is the option to upload documents regarding the expense and the option to take photos:

As shown above, you can also Filter the documents and look at the archive for this expense.

Back will return you to the Expenses List. 

You can export the list to an Excel spreadsheet as shown below:

If you wish to create expense, select Create Expense at the top-right of the main Expenses List page. This will bring you to a page where you must chose to have the expense associated with a User or Resource:

This will bring up a list of Users or Resources of which you can select. 

Now you can populate the expense information associated with the User or Resource that you have selected. 

You can select existing Supplier, Stock and Storage Area information from a pop-up or input this information through manual typing. 

Select the Save button to add the expense to the Expense List.

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