The Finance -> Time Sheets area displays a list of all time sheets. The Time Sheet List can be sorted by selecting on the various column headings. Clicking on the View Details button next to any time sheet will allow you to take an in-depth look at a specific time sheet:

This button takes you to the Time Sheet Details view:

Each time sheet is linked to a resource and the Resource App provides the information such as Hours on Task. 

Alternatively, on the Time Sheet Details page you have the option to add a time record:

You can then select a job for a new time record:

You can then populate the information and this Time Record will appear in the Time Sheet Details page.

You can edit the Time Record by selecting:

Once the time record has been populated, submit the information:

This will give you the following options:

The status chosen will be reflected in the Time Sheets List. 

In the Time Sheets List page, the three dots at the top-right of the page displays an option to view Time Record Changes. This triggers a pop-up which displays any changes that have been made to a time record:

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