The Costs tab of the Job Details page allows you to view, create, and update costs directly against jobs and job tasks:

The Costs tab displays the Job Costs grid. Each cost item has the option to View and Edit:

View displays a pop-up with the job and cost details:

Edit allows you to change the cost information displayed for the job/task. The Edit pop-up allows for the following options:

  • Delete - this will delete the cost information associated with the job. 

  • Put Under Query - this indicates that the costs need to be analysed and this will be the status of the cost information for that particular job. 

  • Save as invoiced - this indicates that the costs has been billed and this will be the status of the cost information for that particular job. In order to make any changes to the costing of the job after invoicing, you will need to ReOpen the costing. This will reverse the Cost Status from Invoiced to Pending. Once you have invoiced the job, Edit will be replaced by ReOpen:

  • Save - this will save all the changes made to the costing of the job. 

  • Close - this will close the Edit Cost pop-up. 

Add Cost at the top-right of the page allows you to select a job for a new cost:

This will display a pop-up for you to populate with the new cost information. Note: For jobs that have been broken down into job tasks you will be asked to select the job task you wish to add this cost to:

Once you have completed the form, you can then:

  • Save the information which you can Edit if changes are required, or, 
  • Save as Invoiced in which case the cost status will be Invoiced and you will need to ReOpen the job to make any required changes. 

At the top-right of the Job Costs grid, there is an option to return to the Jobs List view. Selecting the three dots next to the Jobs List button gives you the following additional options:

  • Audit Trail - will display a pop-up of Audit Trail of Cost Changes. This list can be sorted by selecting the various column headings in order to view, or can be exported to Excel.

  • Excel Export - allows you to export the Job Costs list to an Excel spreadsheet.

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