Asset Attributes allows you to capture extra information about your assets. You can set up a form of fields / questions and then associate the form to a collection of assets.

You can set up as many forms as you would like and associate the Asset Attribute to one or more assets. In each asset you can access the Asset Attributes tab where you can add asset attributes:

To create a new asset attribute form, first go to Assets -> Asset Attributes:  

Then click New Asset Attribute Form in the right hand corner of the page where you can then add fields for the Asset Attribute form:

The three dots beside this button displays the option to download the grid as an excel sheet:

Clicking on either the form name, OR Edit Form will bring you to the form details page; the populated page where you can make changes by selecting Edit in the top left corner. You also have the option to Preview and Delete.


You can associate the particular asset attribute form to assets on the Asset Attribute page (as well as in the Asset Attributes tab when viewing the asset). This is completed by selecting Allocate Assets for the form you'd like to do this with:

You can also associate an asset to the Asset Attribute Form from the Asset Details page, either when you edit the asset details or create a new one.  This is a quick way to associate a new asset to the asset attributes form.  You will see a drop-down of all your previously created asset attribute forms on the asset details page:

View Asset Data allows you to view and export the extra information:

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