Forms  (for inspections, checklists, surveys, meter reading etc) created in the Form Designer can be flagged for use in The Form Library, by setting the scope flag in the Form Designer.

Ordinarily forms you create in the Form Designer  are then sent out with reactive or planned jobs for completion by users, engineers and contractors, either from the main application or the apps.

The Form Library lets you avoid having to send out a form with jobs, and a user can quickly select the desired form from the Form Library and start it straight away.

In the form designer, as well as adding form questions and sections you can also:

  • Associate the form to a site or asset
  • Specify whether a form is to be shared by all users once started, or for that user only.  For example a form might be completed over the course of the day by several users (e.g. different meter readings at different times).

A user can access the Form Library from the Sidebar menu in either the main application, or the Manager App or Resource App.  


Form Library in the main application                         Form Library in Main Application

Form Library in the Resource and Manager App

When you start the form, you are asked for the form date, and then taken into the body of the form to complete and submit.

Likewise if you edit a form then it will take you into the form that has already been started by this or another user (for shared forms only).

Once a form is submitted, the form and submitted  will appear in the Form Results of the main application.  Then in the form library, they will be able to start a new form.

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