The Form Designer area allows you to create forms and customise them based on what they will be used for. You can set up and design as many forms as you like with 12+ question types such as pass/fail, drop-down, 

photo, signature, text-box. You can also attach multiple forms to a job, whether planned or reactive.

To design a new form that is customized to the business' needs, select Design New Form in the top right hand corner of the Form Designer Page:

The main Form Designer page also gives options to export the form list to an excel sheet, or to add a new Form Category:

Clicking on the Design New Form button leads you to Create Form page where you can name your form, assign the form a category (form categories can be set up in the Settings -> Form Categories area), specify the form type, set the scope for the form.

The Scope section allows you to choose between three options:

  • For Resources Only - these forms can be added against individual resources in the resource details page. This selection could be useful for health and safety, vetting, and compliance documents for example. Resources can also complete the forms from within the resource online portal with their own login information.

  • Form Library - this option means this form can be accessed by any resource (from the resource online portal) or general user in the Forms Library area. When the form is submitted, a new form is automatically generated. This is great for daily forms such as meter reading, or tool inspections. The Form Access options allow you to decide if all users can access the same form once created, or if each form is for one user only once created:

                                You can also attach a site or asset to this form when choosing this option.

  • For All Planned Schedules, Jobs, Assets, and Sites - with this option you can attach the form to any job from the Job Details page, or the Planned Schedules module. The form can also be submitted from the Site Details page, and the Asset Details page.

You can also specify printing options for printing off the form:

Save the form using the Save button in the top right hand corner of the page. 

Once you save your new form, you will be taken to the next step which is adding your questions. There are multiple question types to choose from such as pass/fail, drop-down, photo, signature, text-box etc.

At the top-right of the Form Questions grid is the Add Questions button. Clicking this will create a new row in the grid for you to populate with the question name / title, question type, if this question is required in order to complete the form, the order number for this question, the default answer (e.g. for multiple choice), and the section*.

*Forms can be broken up into different sections. To add a section select the three dots next to the Add Question button and select Form Sections. This will display a pop-up for you to manage the form sections:

As shown above, you can also copy questions from other form. Simply select that option from the drop-down (as above) and choose the form you wish to copy from the pop-up window.

At the top of the Form Designer page you will find the Edit button which will allow you to edit the basic form information you provided on the previous page. You can also preview how the form will look to the user by selecting the Preview button.

Next to the Preview button are three dots which, when clicked, display a drop-down menu with additional options:

  • Delete - this will delete the form. You will be asked to confirm your decision if you select this option.

  • Form Categories - this will display the Form Categories pop-up window. From here you can manage the categories (add, edit, delete).

  • Duplicate Form - this will create a new form with the same questions and sections as the current form. You can give the new form a name and select Confirm to create your new form. (Note that you will need to reconfigure any calculated fields being copied from the original form)

  • Form Change History - this will display the Template Change History showing any changes made to the form over time. This grid can also be exported to an Excel sheet.

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