The Jobs Calendar shows all upcoming planned and reactive jobs. The Jobs Calendar has numerous filters and viewing options to allow you view it in exactly the way you choose:

The Jobs Calendar view can be sorted by Date, Assigned User group, or by Resource:

The Jobs Calendar can also be filtered by day, week, month, agenda week / agenda day:

Note that within the monthly view, the calendar will expand to display up to ten jobs. If there are more than ten jobs scheduled for a particular day, you will be able to view all of these jobs by selecting the button highlighted below:

This button will open the daily view which will display all jobs for that day:

You can also search the Job Calendar by job number or job details by using the search bar which can be found next to the Day / Week / Month selector:

The Jobs Calendar has a date picker to the top-left of the calendar. The arrows can be used to scroll through the days / weeks / months, or you can use the drop-down date picker to pick a specific date:

A new view option for the Jobs Calendar is the Timeline view. The Timeline view will display the hours in the day across the x-axis. If grouping by Assigned User or Resource, the names will be displayed down the y-axis:

The selected calendar view can also be exported to a PDF:

While viewing the upcoming jobs for a particular month, the Trackplan calendar utilises a highly configurable drag and drop design that allows you to view and modify jobs at the click of a button (Note: This cannot be done with planned jobs):

On top of being able to drag and drop jobs across the calendar, you can also drag jobs onto the calendar from the jobs list:

This button will open the jobs list at the top of the page:

From here you can click and drag any of these jobs onto the Calendar:

When you are done, select Turn Off Drag Jobs at the top-right of the page:

Quick Actions

The new Quick actions button on the Tool-Tip will speed up the workflow by allowing the user to Unscheduled, Instruct, Complete Job, Change Expected Date and a link to the Job Details Page. 

Create jobs in the calendar / scheduler

You can now add a job from the calendar. There are two ways.

 - There is a “New Job” button there which brings up a pop up window.

 - Even better, you can double-click in a calendar cell, which will bring up the pop-up window.  The new job created will slot right into the cell you double-clicked.

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