Step 1

On the stock tab of the job, choose Transfer Stock:  

Step 2

Select the storage area (e.g. site / location) that you are transferring the stock to:


Step 3

A list of all available stock levels then appears showing the stock name, code, storage area and stock levels.

From here you can select each stock row to transfer one by one by using the SELECT button by each stock level row.

Or you can choose all the stock levels from one storage area (e.g. palette) in a few clicks. To do this, first filter to the storage area (e.g. palette) in question, by using the filter icons by each column header.


With only the stock from one storage area (e.g. palette) now showing, you can click on the SELECT ALL STOCK AND STOCK LEVELS ON THIS PAGE button that will select all the stock on this page into the job:

  • Note, the page shows up to 20 stock rows at a time, so if there are more than 20 then you will need to apply to the remaining stock.


When you close this window (see the ‘X’ in the top right corner), you will then be back on the Jon Stock view where you will see all the stock rows that you have set up to transfer to a new storage area (site / location): 


Step 4

You are now good to go. This job can go through the normal job life-cycle. For example, assign the job to a user or instruct a resource.  

Note you can also print the job to PDF which will include these stock levels. You can do this from the main Job Details tab, and clicking on the three dots as below:

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