Documents and photos can be uploaded against sites, jobs, assets, and resources. In addition, you can create document tags to help categorise and organise documents. 

The Documents page displays a list of documents available. You can upload documents in this area by selecting Upload and then select the file you wish to upload:

By selecting Filters you can view documents based on Document Tag, Region, Site Type, Site or Job Number.

Selecting the three dots beside the Filters button will display additional options:

  • Excel Export - This will allow you to export the documents list to an Excel sheet.
  • View ArchiveThis will display all documents that have been archived.
    • When viewing the archived documents, the above option changes to "View Live" which will show all live documents.

To archive a document, select the following icon for the document you wish to archive:

The first icon allows you to download the file, the second icon allows you to send the file vie email, and the third icon will allow you edit the file name and description. The magnifying glass icon allows you to preview the image / signature. 

You can also add tags to documents in order to help categorise them further by selecting this icon under the Tags column:

Selecting this will display a pop-up window with a list of all current document tags. From here you can select an existing tag, or create a new tag by selecting the Add Document Tag button. Clicking this will create a new row in the list allowing you to name the new tag. You can also edit or delete tags from this window:

You can attach the document to certain Jobs and / or Sites by selecting the following icon, which can be found under the Job No. or Site columns:

This will load the jobs / sites available and you can select the appropriate job / site. This will then be displayed on the Documents list. 

You have the option to change the status of the document to Public or Private and can toggle between the two by selecting change on the document you wish to modify: