Job Requests are work orders raised by staff members or clients for work to be done. Multiple users can also share the one login in order to create requests. 

Requests can be created either by selecting the New Request button at the top-right of the Requests page:

Or by clicking the +New button at the top-right of the main application view, and selecting New Request:

The main Requests view shows a list of Job Requests and the request details; such as, the request number, site, who raised the request and when etc.

This list can be filtered by clicking any column at the top of the grid. You can also add or change the columns by selecting the three dots next to the first column, and then Columns. You can also save the column layout, or reset it as shown below: 

You can also filter the Requests list by clicking the Filters button at the top-right of the page. This will display various filtering options for you to choose from:

The three dots next to the Filters button will show two more options:

  • Excel Export will allow you to export the list to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Clear All Filters will clear all filters

Job requests can also be associated with a Team. Click here to learn more about Teams.

Users can create requests from the main dashboard view, and clicking on the "+NEW" button at the top right, and then selecting New Request:

This can also be done by visiting the Requests area, and selecting New Request at the top-right of the page:

Clicking on New Request will open this view, where you can fill in the Job Request details. Once the details have been filled in, click Save to finish creating your new request:

While you are filling in the New Request form, a separate grid will appear on-screen. This grid will show any requests at the same site with similar details:

In addition, users can also email in requests to a designated email address which will create requests in Trackplan. The emailed requests can be correctly routed to the related Site and Location if the staff member and their email address are set up as Site Contacts.

Job requests can be approved into Reactive Jobs for the help-desk to manage. In the main Requests list view, you can view the details of each individual request by clicking on the Request Number:

For Pending Requests, you will find the options to Approve or Decline the requests in the main Request details tab:

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