The Assets area is where you can create / upload and manage all your assets. 

The Assets list displays all your assets. The Assets list can be filtered by selecting the Filers button. You can also sort the grid by selecting any of the column headings, or refine the grid further by choosing which columns you wish to display. This can be done by selecting the three dots next to the Asset column heading.

 You can create a new asset from this view by selecting the New Asset button at the top-right of the page:

This will take you to the Create Asset page with various fields for you to populate with the relevant asset information. Each asset must belong to an asset class and a site, and / or a location within that site. Each asset must also have a unique asset code / number:

As seen above, assets can be tagged with QR Codes.

Assets can also be loaded in from a spreadsheet using the Upload Centre, but we recommend creating the assets through the interface for a small number of assets.

Coming very soon you will also be manage the assets from the Manager App and the Resource App.

When the relevant fields have been completed, click save to create your new asset. You will then be taken to the Asset Details page. From here you can view and manage all information related to a specific asset.

Jobs can be set up for assets from Asset Details tab. Click on the New Job button on the right-hand side of the page:

This will take you to the Create a New Job view where you can populate the new job information.

Planned Schedules can also be set up for assets. The Planned Schedules tab in the Asset Details area shows any planned schedules that have been set up for a specific asset:

This tab has a grid listing all planned schedules for this asset, and the relevant information such as 

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