Each building can be set up as a site. Each site in turn can be divided into Locations and Sub-Locations.  

The main Sites List view displays a list of all the Sites that have been created. Each Site can be assigned a Location and Sub-Location.

Clicking on a Site name in this list will take you to the Site Details view. In the Locations tab of the Site Details view you will see a list of Locations related to this particular Site:

To add a new location, click on the Add Location button at the top of the Locations grid. This will create a new row in the grid for you to populate with the new location data; a Location Name, Code, Area, Type, and a box to add any additional information about this location:

Click on Update to save this new location.

Note: Location Types can be configured in Settings -> Location Types

As shown in the screenshot above, you can also Duplicate a location, or Create Job for a specific location from this view.

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